Welcome to my new website!

Welcome one and all to my new WP3 Photography website!

It’s called “WP3 Photography” because my name is “W. P. Wood III” (but you can call me Bill). As you can see, my domain name is “wpwood3.com”. Previously, I had a Jalbum-based website that did a fair job of displaying my images. However, it lacked the ability for me to keep a log of my travels, notes about my images and other related information. The move to the ubiquitous WordPress format allows me to blog while still having a gallery of images.

No, I’m not a professional photographer. I do this for fun and relaxation.

No, I’m not a professional photographer. In fact I didn’t get my first serious camera until mid 2007. I do this for fun and relaxation. It gives me a good reason to go tromping around in the woods. As I said in my About Page, I used to enjoy hunting. Although I gave up hunting several years ago there are certain things about it that I missed. Nature photography is a perfect substitute. Everyone needs a hobby and besides, I suck at golf.

Why does a non-pro bubba from the Southeast US who doesn’t routinely travel to exotic locations possibly NEED a blog? Good question…I’m glad you asked. 😉 For me it’s easier than trying to write my notes in a notebook. Each time I go out shooting I learn something about the area, the wildlife, my equipment, myself or whatever. I can capture all of that in my blog for my own use. It also makes it easier to share my notes and images with friends and family. If anyone else enjoys one of my images or something I’ve written then that’s lagniappe.

You’re invited to read my posts, view my images and travel with me as I attempt to improve my skills as a photographer. If you see something that perks your interest then don’t hesitate to let me know.

I hope to see you in the field.

– Bill

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